With over ten years as a self-taught photographer and photographing for some of South-Africa’s biggest television shows, Günther knows the positives and negatives when it comes to photography and running a photography business. From the start out stages from your business to an established photographer in the industry. If you want to learn more about the business of photography and to get your photography business to the next level, then Günther’s workshops will be the perfect solution for you. He only offers exclusive workshops in person to one or two individuals at a time Workshops are 8 hours long and will include coffee, tea and lunch.


Are you an Estate Agent and want to take more professional looking photographs of the properties you market? Vorsprung Studio’s founder and photographer, Günther presents a real estate workshop specifically designed for real estate agents.

You will learn about the importance of photography in today’s real estate market, how photography incluence possible buyers, how to take the perfect photograph, some technical tips, how to use social media, social media marketing and how to resize your photographs to smaller file sizes, but still make it look like it is a high resolution image.