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We help start-ups, small and medium businesses like yourself to get their digital presence and digital marketing plan going.  Entrepreneurs should focus on running their business and let Vorsprung Studio Brand Lab focus on the digital presence of your business.  First impressions are extremely important with today’s busy lifestyle. Consumers have all the information and their choices at their fingertips.  Your clients will decide within a couple of seconds whether they like your business or not, purely based on their first impressions they get from your business, without even looking at the products or services you have to offer.   If you read the above, it means you have some interest and like what we we do.  Contact Vorsprung Studio Brand Lab and let us help you.


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Gunther Schubert

Günther is a qualified hospitality manager and worked in Cape Town’s best five-star properties including in the United States of America.  He’s work experience includes:  photographer for some of South-Africa’s premier television shows.  He is also a professional architectural and interior photographer.  Photography plays a huge role in the creation of content.  Günther always gets excited when he can use his creative eye to showcase your products or services.


Jaun Laubscher

Jaun has over ten years’ experience in the hospitality industry and worked for some of Cape Town’s best hospitality properties including hotels and restaurants.  He is a Qualified social media manager with an eye for detail and creating creative digital content.  Jaun is extremely passionate about digital content and helping business create amazing content showcasing their products and services.


    • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Consultation
    • Brand Development
    • Website Design
    • Content Planning
    • Content Creation
    • Photography
    • Photography workshops