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Vorsprung Studio is the commercial name for Cape Town based Architectural and Interior photographer, Günther Schubert.

He photographed numerous high profile clients over the years being the official photographer for Expresso Morning Show, Afternoon Express and the world renowned luxury lifestyle show, Top Billing. Working under extreme stressful situations as shooting high profile clients come with its up and downs as well as with television productions. Sometime shooting under extreme conditions has tailored Günther to be an excellent photographer in any situation.

He is a qualified hospitality manager that worked in some of the most amazing five star properties including a private billionaires country club in the United States. Attention to the finest detail are given when shooting hospitality establishments.
Vorsprung Studio’s clientele includes: Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses, Boutique Hotels, Wine Estates, Architects, Interior Designers, Commercial and Retail companies, magazines, television shows and selected Real Estate Agencies.

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Photographs create a first impression perception and emotion when you look at them. At Vorsprung Studio we understand the importance of photography when it comes to architecture and interiors. We help you to create the perfect first impression for your marketing campaigns.

Vorsprung Studio mastered the craftsmanship and art of professional architectural and interior photography.

Every client including you have your own unique taste; whether it be colour, flavours, style or feel. Vorsprung Studio will create photographs that is unique and portray the style, feel and emotions of your business.

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